James A. Kafalas
Wayland, Massachusetts

Professional Experience

Consulting Scientist -- Materials Science

From 1985 to 1996, I was Principal Investigator for a series of Space Shuttle experiments on a study of "Dopant Segregation Behavior During the Growth of GaAs Crystals in Microgravity." This involved several crystal growth experiments on the Space Shuttle, which were funded by a NASA contract.

During 1994 and 1995, I was the electrochemical consultant for a committee at Lincoln Laboratory, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), investigating the validity of a series of electrochemical experiments that appeared to indicate excess energy due to "cold fusion." I was able to show that the degree of excess energy was well within experimental error.

GTE Laboratories Incorporated

At GTE, I performed research on technology of ultrapure GaAs crystal growth. This included investigation of enhanced crystal growth methods employing magnetic fields, as well as semiconductor characterization and analysis, and synthesis and characterization of high temperature superconductors.

Lincoln Laboratory, MIT

At Lincoln Lab, I investigated the effect of pressure on the behavior of matter, especially Perovskites and Perovskite-related compounds. This included investigation of chemical properties, crystal structure, phase relationships, magnetic properties, transport properties, and optical properties. I was internationally recognized for contributions to this field. I also studied oxidation kinetics of semiconductor surfaces.

I determined oxidation rate laws for germanium, silicon, and several compound-semiconductor surfaces. This involved use of an original method for the determinations.

In the area of energy research, I developed solid electrolytes for high temperature battery systems. I also investigated the use of solar energy to induce electrochemical reactions, e.g., photoelectrolysis of water.

Partial List of Publications

"Site Symmetry of the EL2 Center in GaAs" (with M. Levinson), Phys. Rev. B.: Rapid Comm. 35, 9383 (1987).

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"The Use of Selective Pair Luminescence to Characterize Semi-Insulating GaAs" (with E.S. Koteles, S. Zemon, and P. Norris), 13th Int. Symp. on GaAs and Related Compd., Las Vegas, NV (1986).

"Effect of Pressure and Composition on Fast Na-Ion Transport in the System Na1+xZr2Si2P3-xO12" (with R.J. Cava), Proc. Int. Conf. Fast Ion Transport in Solids, Electrodes and Electrolytes, Lake Geneva, WI (May 1979).

"Nasicon, A New Solid Electrolyte for Na/S Batteries" (with H.Y.-P. Hong), Proc. 28th Power Sources Symp., P. 1 (1978).

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